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First Look at the 631bhp Huracan Tecnica

Lamborghini has announced it's brand new naturally aspirated V10 supercar, the Huracan Tecnica! This new model slots right in between the track-focused STO and the ‘standard’ RWD. Below we are going to break down the stats and changes simply for you to understand everything you need to know about the stunning new Lamborghini.

Whilst the performance in terms of power is very similar to the models on either side, this new version has been built to offer the best of both worlds for a driver's car.

That naturally aspirated V10 engine revs to 8000rpm which is just below the STO model but will still give you that drama and screaming sound that the Huracan does so well.


Power: 631bhp


Engine: Naturally aspirated 5.2 litre V10

Transmission: Rear-wheel drive

0-60mph: 3.2 seconds

0-100mph: 9.1 seconds

Gearbox: 7 speed LDF dual clutch

Dry weight: 1379kg

Exterior design

Some of the new exterior design helps to improve on the Evo, these include a fixed rear wing that gives 35% more downforce over the Evo RWD and is 6.1cm longer meaning that overall drag is down by 20%. The new carbon fibre bonnet, which can be left exposed if that is your style along with the rear engine cover, meaning this new model is only 40kg more than the STO which does actually have significantly more carbon fibre body panels.

Another thing we notice is that the front bumper is taking ideas from Lamborghini’s hypercar, the Sian which we think is a fantastic addition and the cooling on the back quarter also shows similarities to the Essenzia SCV12.

There is also some new design in terms of brake cooling including the deflectors and calliper ducts which really help with the carbon-ceramic discs that come as standard.

In terms of specification, we are going to see a huge range of options as Lamborghini is working alongside Ad Personam, meaning there will be a choice of over 200 colours to choose from!

Interior design

There isn’t a huge change from anything we have seen before, the car integrates design features from both the Evo and the STO. Full carbon door cards and grab handles which show similarities to the STO. The sports seats have a new etched design down the middle but are fundamentally the same as in other models.

There are so many elements of the interior that can be customised as usual with Lamborghini.

The infotainment system features elements from the STO, including the LDVI screen showing brake temperatures and more track telemetry data.

Our thoughts

Was this a necessary addition to the Lambo lineup? Well, that's ultimately for you to decide. In terms of styling, we personally think this is probably the best-looking iteration of the Huracan, performance-wise, we will have to wait and see if the differences in driveability are large enough for it to really matter as an essential addition. That being said, the days of the big-engined supercars will slowly be coming to a close and so why not build as many versions as you can to live on into the future.

Let us know your initial thoughts on the new Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica. We are excited to see it come to life as people start to come up with their (as always) crazy and creative specifications.


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